Party Recap

I just loves every minute of planning this party!.


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    the candy buffet

  • Best Moment

    the cake

  • What People Ate

    we served hot dogs,popcorn,chips,cotton candy, and sugar sugar augar

  • What People Drank

    snow cone, mojito, pina colada, water, lemonade

  • Funniest Moment

    the snow cone stand


Party Helpers



  • Jeannette R

    Jeannette R wrote:

    Hello Irene, OMG your party is adorable!! I am on the Party of the Month panel on the Children's Party Network and I would love to nominate your party for June party of the month. If you're already a member you can submit the party yourself or email me and I can submit it for you. Hope to hear from you soon! :) jatyourservice@yahoo.com http://www.childrenspartynetwork.com/ http://www.childrenspartynetwork.com/page/pom-june-2011

  • Irene B

    Irene B wrote:

    Thank u! Jeannette. I would love to be in that place.I'm going to e-mail u with some pics and also I just open my FB fab page: Dulce celebrations. Thank you! Irene.

  • no photo

    Lisa B wrote:

    Wow thats amazing,I NEED the big wheel and the striped cake stand,Where I can purchase them from,There are fab !!

  • no photo

    Beth H wrote:

    I'm not sure about the cupcake stand but I know that the wheels are sold at Hobby Lobby.

  • Irene B

    Irene B wrote:

    Hi! Lisa, thank u! the ferris wheel you can purchase at: www.hobbylobby.com and the cup cake holder at: orientaltrading.com

  • Staci W

    Staci W wrote:

    I love the lollipop swirls! Did you make those?

  • Irene B

    Irene B wrote:

    Thank u Staci.I order the lollipops on: www.shindigz.com

  • Melissa N

    Melissa N wrote:

    LOVE IT...Love those HUGE Lollipops!

  • no photo

    Lisa B wrote:

    Love the big ferris wheels! Where do they come from?

  • no photo

    Monica A wrote:

    where are these ferris wheels from? where can I buy them?