Party Recap


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Snacks of Cheetos, Doritos and BBQ chips, Gold fish, Fresh vegetable tray and fresh fruit bowl. For lunch it was Hamburgers and Hot Dogs with all the fixings, a family recipe of backed beans, Seaweed Salad (http://www.parenting.com/article/spinach-salad-with-strawberries-and-oranges-21354666) and Sea Shell Salad (http://www.yummly.com/recipe/She-Sells-Sea-Shells-Pasta-Salad-For-Kids_-Recipezaar?servings=10)

  • What People Drank

    Sea Foam punch (http://blog.playfullyeverafter.com/mermaid-party-food/) There was also a cooler with a couple two litters of pop, LOTS of water bottles, and juice boxes

  • Best Moment

    Spending all afternoon with friends and family!!!!

  • Desserts

    The cake was purchased at Top Foods. I made chocolate covered marshmallow Octopus pops, Pearl and Oyster cookies, Jell-O Aquarium cups, and Yummy fish kabobs.

  • Party Favors

    Bubbles and Squirt guns

  • Activities / Games

    It was a water party, so the sprinkler was on most of the time, and there was a huge water balloon fight :)



  • Allison B

    Allison B wrote:

    This looks so nice and simple! I am planning my daughters 4th birthday for the same theme and water party as well! I think I can pull off all of these things except I'll stay away from the cake pops. Done them once and have no desire to try again! Can you tell me what you put on the kabobs and the recipe for the punch and the clam thingies?

  • Allison B

    Allison B wrote:

    Oh yes and the jello things too!

  • Annalice H

    Annalice H wrote:

    For the kabobs I went to a store that carried bulk candy and picked out and water themed gummys, we got rainbow fish and sharks. I did separate them with a small gum drop on the sticks. The oyster cookies are just Nilla Waffers with pink frosting and I found small pears in the wedding section at the craft store. The jello cups are blue jello that had setup about half way then added fruit snacks/ gummys. The punch was just 7-up and lime sherbet. Also I didnt do cake pops this party. The octopus are marshmallows dipped in purple chocolate :-)

  • no photo

    Beth N wrote:

    Can you plz tell me what you made in the punch bowl" thanks!