Party Recap

As a mother of two, much of my inspiration comes from my children. Our Little Cottontail Easter printable party collection is the perfect example of this. I had picked up a light blue ruffled lace romper for my daughter a while back and she had decided to wear it while wearing her white bunny ears and tail while playing. Of course I took one look at her outfit and thought ‘little cottontail!” So I designed this printable collection to have various shade of blue and bright white.

I designed an adorably sweet bunny silhouette for this collection and it is used in the several shades of blue throughout this printable collection. But what I really wanted was the tail to be the main feature of this collection and celebration so I found several ways to highlight the ‘cottontail’ throughout the party design. I added a tiny cotton tail to all bunnies on the printed printables, from the printable party circles, to the menu, from the welcome sign to the fancy labels. To further accent the cottontail of this collection I made vanilla cupcakes with white fluffy icing and shredded coconut to mimic a cottontail. Cupcakes were then topped with the Little Cottontail printable party circles from this collection. The cake was made to look like a fluffy white cottontail as well and was a vanilla cake with white chocolate butter cream. A mini cake bunting was made with our paper party straws and the printable bunting pieces included in the Little Cottontail Printable Collection. Bunny silhouette sugar cookies were also made with the adorable ‘cottontail’ using icing and shredded coconut. Mini white meringues and blue and white chocolate eggs rounded out the sweet table. Large white tissue paper pompoms, light blue ribbon and a fun white cottontails on both my children completed the look of this adorable Little Cottontail theme.


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