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Lilla's 1

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Party Recap

It's party time! Please, be my guest and join us! =)
We made almost everything at home. It turned out as cute as I wished and Lilla played all day long!!
The ribbons panel I made with my mom. I made the towels (it was my first time sewing something that big!), and the dollies and baked the cupcakes. I also made the cupcake's flag toppers. My mommy helped to cut and glue. The fabric letters and the knitted cupcakes were made by 2 friends of mine (thank you girls!!), and the cupcake stand my father in law made from scratch!
A table of treats is a traditions here in Brazil.
I made the bunting which turned out so sweet that I want to find a permanent place for it in my home. The brown bags are the kids' favors (more than 40 kids!! I told you brazilian 1st bday parties tend to be big... And Lilla has so many friends!). The suitcases I bought from Bake it Pretty, tha lamp shades came from this idea. The little candies (don't mistake from mini cupcakes!) are also a brazilian party tradition and my mother in law made them. The ones inside little cups are a kind of cold lemon pie. I bought those from a friend who is a talented candie maker. Inside the suitcases, another tradition: magnetic pictures of Lilla for the guests to take home and put on their fridge doors.

We rented a baby play area with toys and foam rugs. Many people say that babies don't enjoy their first birthday party. I don't agree! When a party is done with the needs of the wee ones in perspective, they do enjoy! A lot! Lilla and her friends played th entire afternoon!
I feared it would rain (the day Lilla was born was windy and rainy) but it was freaking hot insted!! My baby was wet with sweat, so I took off her shirt and gave her lots of water

It was all perfect and we are so happy Lilla and her friends had a great time!


Party Highlights

  • Best Moment

    Watching Lilla play with her friends

  • Most Touching Moment

    watching the video my husband edited with pics of this amazing first year


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