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Lila's 2nd Birthday!

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Party Recap

Finally got a nice sunny day so that the kids could enjoy being outside! Kids had a blast in the homemade sprinkler and my first attempt with marshmallow fondant was a success. Kids and adults ate every bite! Overall a great party.


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    The birthday girl with her Kai Lan bows in her hair!

  • Desserts

    Homemade marshmallow fondant kai lan cake, cake pops, rice krispy sushi, cookies.

  • Activities / Games

    Homemade sprinkler, sand box, water table, swingset, bikes/ride-on toys

  • Budget

    $200 for everything! I surprised myself with this one.

  • Best Moment

    Watching how excited Lila was for her cake.

  • What People Ate

    I served homemade chinese food. Another first for me! Sesame chicken, Beef with peapods, Vegetable fried rice, Spring Rolls, Lettuce Wraps, Vegetable tempura.... delish! Best part was there were no leftovers! People went back for seconds and thirds.

  • What People Drank

    Adults drank Mai Tai's! Wowsers! Kids drank red and aqua Jones' soda, apple juice and mini sodas. Lots of water too on the hot day!

  • Most Touching Moment

    Lila and mommy's photo shoot at the end of the day after everyone was gone.

  • Funniest Moment

    Lila and Lena sharing a cake pop.


Party Helpers

  • Alice Mall

    Party Planner



  • Staci W

    Staci W wrote:

    You did an awesome job!

  • no photo

    Alice M wrote:

    Thank you Staci! It was a lot of fun.

  • no photo

    Wen C wrote:

    Awesome cake! I hadn’t heard of marshmallow fondant. Does it taste better than the traditional fondant? Would you mind sharing where you go the recipe from? Thanks!

  • no photo

    Alice M wrote:

    @WAM: Tastes like chewier buttercream frosting! Definitely better than traditional fondant. I got the recipe from a YouTube video. I'll post it on here.

  • no photo

    Alice M wrote:

    Thank you Twisted Sifter! Thank you Pat Lock!

  • Ramona G

    Ramona G wrote:

    i will attempt to make these cute little treats ! Such a great idea!! --wish me luck