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Levi's Superhero Training Academy

no photo By Erica P  in Birthday


Party Recap

My son, L, just turned 5 and was set on a superhero party! We went with the retro theme, added lots of word bubbles, and stuck with the color theme of red, yellow, and blue. The February birthday was completely indoors at our home, with lots of games and activities for the kids to do. Our unfinished basement was converted into a "superhero training academy," with an agility obstacle course, spider web fling it, hulk smash, flight photobooth, and a villain knock-down! The kids had so much fun!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    pizza, superhero powered fruits and vegetables, popcorn bar

  • What People Drank

    super punch

  • Desserts

    homemade cake (by mom), cupcakes from a local bakery

  • Party Favors

    superhero capes and masks, craft of marshmallow shooters, bracelets

  • Activities / Games

    Agility Training Course (balance beam, climbing wall, tunnel crawl, laser course) Villain Knock-Down: villains knocked down by bean bags Flight Training Photobooth: photobooth Hulk Smash: Hulk gloves and painted "bricks" Spidey Webs: spiderweb target with silly string Villain Poppers: homemade marshmallow shooters Superhero Cuffs: bracelets made in colors of favorite superheroes Superhero Bingo


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