Party Recap

My daughter wanted a good, ol' fashioned lemonade stand. Our neighborhood doesn't have a high amount of foot traffic, so in an effort to keep my daughter's spirit high, I decided to host it on a lake.


Party Highlights

  • Activities / Games

    To really spark interest among the kiddos, they personalized yellow foam visors with their names or my daughter's idea "Squeeze Me!" They turned out super cute!

  • Best Moment

    I loved seeing the children's faces light up when boats would arrive for Lemonade. It was a huge success!


Party Helpers



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    The Event Fairies S wrote:

    To make the beverage cups, we used coaster's from the Target dollar bin and inexpensive plastic cups. We glued the two pieces together and added a sugared lemon wheel.

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    The Event Fairies S wrote:

    We kept the food items fairly simple since it was super-hot that day and we wanted the offerings to hold up in the heat!

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    The Event Fairies S wrote:

    Boat #1...(thank you!)