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Lemonade & Sunshine

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Party Recap

When I began dreaming up a combined birthday party for my two oldest daughters...
the biggest hurdle was trying to come up with a theme that would be appropriate for both of their ages.

I knew I wanted something different...
something that would bridge the gap between "little girl" and "young woman".
It needed to be "fun" but it couldn't be too childish.
I needed to make sure it felt more "grown up" without it being TOO grown up.
I wanted the party "pretty" and "soft" to honor the young women my daughter's are becoming...
but I knew there had to be a little "magic" thrown in there too to keep it young and fresh.

With it being summer, I couldn't help but think of two things...
"Lemonade & Sunshine"

My color palette was born: pinks & yellows...

My main ingredients for decor included tin cans, vintage bottles and crates, fabric, fresh cut flowers as well as galvanized buckets.

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