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Lauren & Simon's Llama Wedding

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Party Recap

My husband and I wanted to have a wedding that reflected our unique personalities and relationship. After searching all over the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts, where we met in college, we finally settled on a beautiful llama farm in Lee, Massachusetts.

After picking our location, we decided to have a llama theme for our wedding. We collected furry and stone llama statues from South America for centerpieces and name cards. We made our own llama Save the Dates and invitations. We had llama cookies, llama lollypops, and even a llama cake.

We also wanted our wedding to be green. We grew our own flowers on the farm to be used as centerpieces. We collected glass vases from thrift shops, and mixed and matched them to create unique looks for every table. Our plates, silverware, and cups were made from cornstarch and sugarcane, and were composted after the event. The food was 100% vegetarian, and made from local ingredients.

In addition to making all of our invitations and Save the Dates, I also made large flowers out of recycled paper to decorate the tent. Because I am a fashion designer, I was even able to make my own dress. (For more information about my work and custom wedding dresses, please visit

My husband and I also wrote our own ceremony, complete with a belly dance blessing. My brother became ordained for the day and performed the ceremony. All of our closest friends and family participated in the ceremony. Many of them even wrote their own passages to share at the ceremony.

My husband and I also choreographed our first dance, which was upbeat and complete with lifts. Because I was unable to complete the dance in my elaborate dress, we changed into glittery, spandex outfits for this portion of the party.


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    Me, of course! I spent 2 years making my own dress. Plus, I was the bride!

  • Best Toast

    My husband's cousin gave us a surprise toast. His mother wanted to "pass the torch" to the next generation of toastmasters. He wasn't prepared, and drunk. He ended the toast with, "Well, I hope it lasts!"

  • Worst Toast

    I think the best toast was also the worst toast...

  • Last to Leave

    Everyone! We all left on school buses. I was surprised that almost all of the guests stayed until the very end of the reception.

  • Best Moment

    The best moment was hearing the music start before the ceremony. I had been really, really nervous and shaky, but when the band started up playing the pre-ceremony music, I stopped being nervous and got really excited. I couldn't believe that after all the planning, the wedding was finally happening. It finally became real.

  • What People Ate

    Vegetarian Delights

  • Most Touching Moment

    My grandparents never had a first dance at their wedding. Because of a death in the family, they had no music at their wedding. We had a "first dance" for them, right after I had my dance with my grandfather. It was a touching surprise for everyone.

  • Funniest Moment

    My husband's family is filled with bald men. To celebrate our future, his father and uncles broke out on the dance floor in bald wigs and danced around. I think everyone had a chance to wear the wigs, including me!

  • Best Dance Moves

    The best dance moves had to be in our first dance. We had lifts and everything!


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