Party Recap

Sometimes, boys just want to do their thing-even if it going to be covered in dust and dirt and sweat.

When a good friend of mine said that her son was having a BMX party at a local dirt track, I begged her to let me help with the planning and decor. You heard me, begged. I love working on a real party – working on logistics of how to serve lunch and cake at a dusty, hot venue, with gusty winds – I’m totally not kidding!

For lunch, the mom made turkey and cheese sandwiches, cut with a round biscuit cutter. She placed them in printable lunch trays with goldfish, a fruit cup and a granola bar, and packaged the whole tray in a cellophane party favor bag – to keep the dust out. She also made cupcakes, which we placed on this wind proof hatbox-turned-cupcake-tower, and topped them with BMX rider silhouette cupcake toppers. Totally awesome, right?

To keep the parents happy, and cool, iced coffees were offered in a matching orange bucket… those did not last long! After rides around the track, kids grabbed a water spray bottle and kept each other cool. Also, kept the parents cool, the plants cool, the dirt cool, the bikes cool, the chain link fence cool.

All of the party guests were offered a “number plate” for the front of their bike. This printable item was so easy and fun to come up with! Just add your text, print it, cut it, hole punch it, and tie it to the handlebars. We chose to laminate ours, but you could cover them in clear wide packing tape, or just leave them as is.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate


  • What People Drank

    water, soda, coffee

  • Desserts


  • Party Favors


  • Activities / Games

    bmx bike riding


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