Party Recap

We had such a nice time and to see the smile on my baby face was priceless!


Party Highlights

  • Best Moment

    Seeing the smile on my daughter's face when Elmo walked in the room! And for all the love my family and friends showed!

  • Funniest Moment

    Seeing Elmo falling out laughing with the kids

  • Most Touching Moment

    Me crying once I saw my family from out of town coming and showing so much!

  • Best Dressed

    The Birthday girl hands down!

  • Desserts

    cookies, cupcakes and the birthday cake

  • Party Favors

    ALOT!!! lol

  • Activities / Games

    We played so many games like sack race, musical chairs etc

  • Budget

    Let's say alot....Hahaha!

  • What People Ate

    Chicken wings, hot dogs, hamburger, chips, cheese, meat and dip, deli rolls, fruit and veggie trays

  • What People Drank

    Punch, sesame street apple juice, tea, sodas and water



  • Hope M

    Hope M wrote:

    How did you apply the faces? Is it drawn on, or something you can just place on top? Thanks!!

  • Lakeshia E

    Lakeshia E wrote:

    It was a kit from the local grocery store, placed on the cake