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Ladybug First Birthday

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Party Recap

When our daughter made it to one, we knew we wanted to do something big to celebrate with the whole family, but having a January baby means getting creative. Outdoor parties in the middle of winter just aren’t an option in the Seattle area. And between us, Emmeline has four sets of grandparents and scores of family and friends that love her. Our place, while lovely, wasn’t going to hold more than 16. Our initial guest list was a whopping 60. There’s also a matter of cleanup. Having that many people in our home meant that it A) had to be spotless beforehand and B) was going to be a disaster afterwards. So we decided to combine a family vacation at the resort with a first birthday party and a family reunion of sorts. This is what we came up with!

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Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    The birthday girl - with her hand-sewn dresses and her cutie pie ladybug baby legs.

  • Favorite Songs

    We put together a playlist on our iphone for the party...I'd have to say the Star Wars theme and Picture Book by the Kinks

  • Life of the Party

    My 13-year-old sister wore her ladybug costume to the party and kept us all entertained.

  • Best Moment

    Having all four grandmas in the same room for the first time in her life!

  • Most Romantic Moment

    When it was all over, and the three of us snuggled in our room, and wished her a happy birthday the time she was born.

  • What People Drank

    A mocktail called The Ladybird, tea, coffee, water, soda from the dry bar

  • Best Gift

    The time capsule - it was nice to have everyone contribute something, and we didn't go home with a mountain of toys (it was just Christmas after all).


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    Deserea P wrote:

    :-)... what a cutie!!! and a long legged girl too!!