Party Recap

K's 4th Birthday was a-ma-zing! All of the 47 kids who attended had a blast and said that it was the best party they'd been to! We had pony rides, face painter, clown, carnival game booths, and concessions! It was literally a mini carnival in the front/inside/backyard of my house!

I was inspired after going to the OC Fair the summer before. As my guests walked in to the "carnival" they collected tickets from me which they could use on the ring toss game, basketball shoot out, and of course the ever so famous goldfish game...yes, they won prizes for each game, including real goldfish! As they stepped out in the back yard or should call it "picnic area," they sat in tables covered with blue, yellow, or red/white striped linens. Each table had a handmade edible carousel centerpiece, which I made.

While the adults enjoyed their meals ranging from tacos, bacon wrapped hot dogs, or rotisserie chicken, the children were running wild spraying eachother using silly string with their faces painted wearing top hats that read "Krystin's Birthday Carnival". After the pinata madness, they kids got their party bags and later enjoyed some dessert. Our desserts included funnel cakes, churros, cake, cupcakes, ice cream, cotton candy.

This was definitely a party to remember. The only thing I regret was not taking more pictures but i was too busy hosting for over 100 people and entertaining almost 50 kids! But overall, it was a great party and the guests had a great time. The cleanup, however, wasn't too much fun!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Tacos, bacon wrapped hot dogs, chicken, popcorn, cotton candy, funnel cake, churros, cake, cupcakes, ice cream, peanuts.

  • What People Drank

    Sodas, water, punch, beer, margaritas

  • Activities / Games

    Pony Rides, face painting, balloon artist, clown, magic show, goldfish game, ring toss, basketball shoot out...


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