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Kiss Me, I'm Irish! playdate

Dawn S By Dawn S  in St. Patrick's Day


Party Recap

A fun day of rainbows and kisses, our playdate was quite a hit! Visit my blog for full details


Party Highlights

  • Activities / Games

    I dyed macaroni wheels for the kids to make rainbow mobiles.

  • What People Ate

    We served rainbow fruit kabobs, Kiss Me cookies and cupcakes with apple juice


Party Helpers



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    Sab R wrote:

    This party is so fun1 Did you color the pasta yourself...or did you buy it like that!

  • Dawn S

    Dawn S wrote:

    Sab R - I colored them so they aren't edible, I followed this amazing tutorial!

  • no photo

    Alice M wrote:

    Did you make these yourself? Awesome! How did you do it!?!?

  • Dawn S

    Dawn S wrote:

    Hi Alice! They are just sugar cookie dough cut out with a lip shaped cutter, then I outlined the lips in candy melt, then brushed the cookie with a little corn syrup and added the sprinkles!

  • Kate H

    Kate H wrote:

    I really love this party - great job!