Kiera's Project Runway 11th Season Celebration

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Party Recap

This party for my daughter Kiera who turned 11 years old. She loves fashion (and watching Project Runway!) so we decided to go with a fashion theme. When each girl arrived they were given a VIP Backstage Pass to wear. They each got a "Name That Era" game to keep them busy while waiting for all the guests to arrive. The game had pictures from 7 era's and they needed to guess what year the clothes were from. Then I had them do a fashion magazine scavenger hunt. The girls paired up and were each given a magazine (People's Style Watch) and a list of items in the magazine (pink lipstick, nail polish, ripped jeans, etc) to find. The winners were the first to go to the candy bar for candy. Then then did a Project Runway "Models To Runway" kit where they all picked a paper doll and dressed them using stencils, paper patterns and accessories (all included in the kit!). They loved doing that. Kiera picked which fashion was her favorite when they were all done and that winner was the next to go to the candy bar. Then they had pizza and raspberry lemonade for dinner followed by the candy bar. They danced and went in the photo booth. I bought sunglasses and boa's to add to the fashion theme. Then they sang Happy Birthday to Kiera. Cupcakes and cheesecake were served. Everyone had lots of fun, including the birthday girl! She loved it!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate


  • What People Drank

    Raspberry Lemonade and water

  • Desserts

    Oreo Cheesecake (from Cheesecake Factory) and homemade chocolate cupcakes

  • Party Favors

    Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers, Paper dolls from fashion challenge and candy from the candy buffet. Also included fashion tips for tweens in the loot bag.

  • Activities / Games

    "Name That Era" game, fashion magazine scavenger hunt, Project Runway "Models To Runway" fashion kit, photo booth, dancing


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