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Keaton's 3rd Birthday--Holy Batman!

Charynn O By Charynn O  in Birthday


Party Recap

Keaton's 3rd Birthday was supposed to be non-character themed and super small...until he got Batman on the brain and i actually fell in love with the idea. With the help of some of my lovely party decor and goodie-making friends, I pulled off a super hero party I hope he'll never forget (well, he's 3, so maybe he'll remember when he looks at the pictures) :-D


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    the birthday boy, of course

  • Desserts

    cake, cupcakes, cookies, and brownie pops

  • What People Ate

    appetizers were named after batman characters (i.e. Robin's Deviled Eggs, Catwoman Crudite, etc)

  • What People Drank

    "joker juice" was the highlight of the drink assortment


Party Helpers



  • Jillian L

    Jillian L wrote:

    What an unbelievable party, Charynn! Those cake pops and that cake... crazy!!

  • Behar Party Designs *

    Behar Party Designs * wrote:

    AWESOME!!! Totally FANTASTIC!!!!!

  • Ruki I

    Ruki I wrote:

    these are amazing!!

  • Jenelle N

    Jenelle N wrote:

    This is awesome! Can you tell me some of the foods you did and the clever names you called them like your Robin's deviled eggs?

  • Charynn O

    Charynn O wrote:

    thanks, jenelle! some of the others were: poison ivy pizza, alfred's appetizer dips, mr. freeze fruit pizza, two-face taco dip, harley quinn hamburgers, riddler roll-up sandwiches, catwoman crudites...hope that helps!

  • no photo

    Luisa F wrote:

    how did make those letters its awesome! i love it!

  • no photo

    Luisa F wrote:

    what are these made out of>?

  • no photo

    Luisa F wrote:

    this is great!

  • Charynn O

    Charynn O wrote:

    cardboard letters+comic book pages+mod podge+spray paint for the back/edges :)

  • Charynn O

    Charynn O wrote:

    brownie pops (made just like cake pops) and fondant decorations

  • Shelly K

    Shelly K wrote:

    Where did you get the cool paper to do his name? The party is amazing.....

  • no photo

    Laurie P wrote:

    AMAZING!!! I would also love to know how you did the name??? That is awesome!