Party Recap

My daughter came to me a few months ago and said she wanted an Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party!

She said she didn't want a tea-party, but rather a Queen of Hearts look- with a vintage feel. She also wanted to have the colors red, white and black.

We were on a tight budget so a lot of the table decor came from my party storage closet!! (Including, the chess piece, the picture frame, the green rabbits, the clock, the topiaries... I even pulled the tea cups from my own dishes!) I did buy few things like the paper balls that hung from the ceiling and the cupcake wrappers. My husband even built and painted the "The Which Way" sign with left over pallet wood in our garage!

My daughter found the small, 3/4 inch vials on Amazon.com, and we they filled them with strawberry soda. The girls thought they were the coolest thing in the world!

My husband and I also designed all the custom printables for all the signs. It's a huge blessing having a husband who's a graphic designer by trade.

The fourteen girls loved the decor and had a blast making edible tea cups and playing games. Because it was a slumber party, I got up early and had everything ready for breakfast when the girls woke up. I turned the table around and set a place setting for each one of the girls.

It was a wonderful time had by all! You can see more at: nissalynninteriors.com


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Decorative cookies, Twizzlers, chocolate candy, cupcakes, "painted" Rice Krispie treats, and popcorn in the evening. Banana, Apples, Count Dracula and Frankin Berry Cereal in the morning. (Because the colors of the cereal matched the decor of the table.)

  • What People Drank

    Red strawberry soda, Dr. Pepper and water at night, (because the colors of the soda matched the decor of the party.) In the morning; milk and orange juice.

  • Desserts

    Decorative cookies, Twizzlers, chocolate candy, cupcakes, "painted rice Krispie treats."

  • Party Favors

    Red nail polish, Ring Pops, gold eye shadow, small vintage black and white notebooks, gold wrapped candy, gum, and a vial of strawberry soda, with a tag that read "Drink me."

  • Activities / Games

    Made edible tea-cups, played "pass the present game, " played card games, painted nail red with designs, and watched the Alice in Wonderland movie.


Party Helpers

  • Justin Parson

    Graphic designer


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