Party Recap

Minnie mouse bday party for my daughter I made the invitations, birthday banner, centerpieces, Minnie mouse cake topper & a couple other things <3



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    Cupcake C wrote:

    can you put a diy on how to make them

  • Berenice  P

    Berenice P wrote:

    I did this 2 yrs ago so I don't have the materials to make them but I can give u an idea on how I made them... I used nacho cheese cans but u can also use formula can or any can with a lid, I covered the entire can with black fabric using hot glue( I bought the cheapest kind I could find)...for the face I used beige foam sheets and the eyes white foam sheets and black sharpie... The bow I bought a big roll of ribbon on eBay ( much cheaper than ur local craft store) and for the ears I used black foams sheets glued the circles to a stick and stuck them through a small cut I made on the plastic clear lid of the can.. Hope it helps.