Party Recap

My daughter even 6 years liked the pastry bake cookies, chesscake, cup cake and chocolates. Did this party inviting your bakery to hire assistants.
ornaments made ​​from recyclable materials.free instructions on my site YO HAGO MIS PINATAS in facebook. Very funny and seemed a bakery with many sweet.Thank God for my creativity and my daughter.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    typical food of Puerto Rico, rice gandul, cerdo, turkey stew, salad, green salad coditos.

  • What People Drank

    ice tea, fruit juice and soda water.

  • Best Moment

    seat all the children give instructions how to make cakes to see how excited they were. still talking about the best party and thank me for having guests, it is best to see the face of my daughter.

  • Funniest Moment

    as you were doing the bathing suit to a mini cookie bear and as they made their cakes. My daughter playing with her cash register charges ...

  • Most Touching Moment

    Share this birthday my elderly mother, traveled from Puerto Rico.

  • Best Dressed

    hello kitty dress that had a big birthday cake cake had written in his suit

  • Desserts

    to make sense of bakery were made cookies, puff pastries chesscake chocolates.

  • Party Favors

    was given a delantar each attendee with the name of the bakery.sweet gums notebooks pencils placed in a cup cake made ​​of recyclable materials and tissue paper instructions on facebook,Yo hago mis pinatas.

  • Activities / Games

    decorated their box and then place two cupcake they decorated.toy blender pass like a hot potato, cherry paste cup cake, jumper and sack race.

  • Budget

    $ 300.00 Most of the things I did, buying from a year before everything cupcake saw many in settlements and materials reciclables.But the electricity bill went up about $ 100.00 extra for the jumper, oven and opens and closes the doors

  • Julie's bakery

    They invite the friends of my daughter to apply for a job as an assistant at his bakery.


Party Helpers

  • Quety lopez

    younger siblings of friends were a separate table with the help of their parents decorated the cup cake, 2 assistants in the kitchen, an assistant at the juegos.2 assistants reparticion teens in materials for each guest.

    http://Yo hago mis pinatas ,facebook


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  • Printabelle

    Printabelle wrote:

    Love these cute decorations and theme!