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Juanna’s Mermaid Splashes at 3

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Party Recap

Celebrant: Juanna

3rd Birthday

Having a toddler questioned of what theme she loves to have on her birthday is like mind blowing! In th morning she wants a safari party and then after an hour it turned to a mermaid one!

So, having a party at home I did the best that I can to manage it. Using DIY videos and tips I think I pulled it off.’

The Balloons- I used teal, blue, pastel gray, white and few pastel purple and chrome purple ones for highlights.I want something unique colors for this. Since I always see the mettalic balloons used for a mermaid theme party.
I used 12” and 10” balloons
Foil balloons of shells, mermaid tails are magic!

I just used a hand pump to inflate the balloons and used regular white sewing string to hold my garlands and boquets.

For the dessert table,
I got some decors from my kids’s room and toys.
I also made a DIY shell using pompom garlands make it into halves to look like shells and inflated white balloons for the pearls.

I used our TV screen for some additional backdrop (I dont know what to call it


Party Highlights

  • Activities / Games

    Mermaid tattoos and swimmimg in the afternoon


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