Party Recap

It was my nephew 1st Birthday and my sister wanted to go all out on this one. From the photo booth and props stand and ticket booth that we made to all the wrapped circus poles for all the games sections, such as pie throwing, ring toss, balloon darts, dunk seat , a juggler a jumping castle and a prize board for girls and one for the boys and so much more ..

Firstly the invitation was also the entry into the "circus party", at the ticket booth, each child was given a wrist band a wallet of circus money and tokens to play games. They then entered a marquee tent where there were bags with ribboned shoulder straps, which they had to decorate using glue, glitter, stars, texta, etc, so as they could put their wallets of money and tokens and any prizes that were won into their bag. First was the pie throwing, each child had a turn of throwing a plate full of whipped cream at a person.. (so much fun), then they were allowed to enter the games garden,, where a "Welcome" bunting was hung across the entry. Through the garden was "J" buntings and circus coloured pom poms through the garden, and where the jumping castle was. At each stand there was an adult dressed up directing the games.

Once games were over lunch was served on big circus trays carrying mini hamburgers, mini sausage rolls, dagwood dogs, corn on the cob, and chips in beautifully made grease proof paper tied in circus coloured string. Then it was free play for all the kids.

Buffet table had a circus themed coloured fans (dark blue,red,yellow, and white) in different sizes, as the back drop, with a table in red and white, blue and yellow lollies, pop corn, circus cookies, fairy floss on a fairus wheel cupcake holder, toffee apples and a beautiful circus tent cake with animals and a clown... as centre attraction, with gorgeous dark blue, yellow, white and red tassels that dangled at the front of the table.

We had been planning this for 4 months and the look on the kids faces (not to mention the adults was the ultimate)

All decorations on the buffet table (fans and tassels), and through the garden (pom poms) by fluffy decoration for any occasion and cake and circus cookies by scrumptious cakes


Party Helpers

  • Fluffy decoration for any occasion


    tassels, on the dessert table, fan backdrop of dessert table, and fluffy hanging decorations through out the circus area were made by fluffy decoration for any occasionhttp://www.facebook.com/fluffydecorationforanyoccasion
    [email protected]

  • scrumptious cakes

    Cake designer

    A beautiful choc mud tent cake with circus animals and clown cookies individually wrapped made by scrumptious cakes.



  • Forever44 S

    Forever44 S wrote:

    oh, my gosh...what a cute and whimsical outfit! love the polka dots! where did you find something like this?

  • no photo

    Sonia S wrote:

    Hi FOREVER44 S This was purchased by a private seller online, on ebay.

  • Catherine G

    Catherine G wrote:

    Where did you get this bunting? its beautiful!

  • no photo

    Sonia S wrote:

    Hi Catherine, my sister downloaded this from the web. There are lots of free bunting downloads, and you could even pick the letter that went in the middle of the bunting. Then we just glued the bunting to ribbon.