Party Recap



  • vane0828@hotmail.com

    vane0828@hotmail.com wrote:

    all the candy is so cute. where is it from?

  • no photo

    Yury S wrote:

    Thank you! My sister and I made it all

  • Kelly B

    Kelly B wrote:

    What are the kakamora on the dessert table? They look amazing!

  • Jenny D

    Jenny D wrote:

    great set up! what did you use for the backdrop?

  • no photo

    Tracy J wrote:

    does your sister sell her desserts? Did you use Smile and a Song Princess Parties for your Moana? I thought I saw those pictures of your daughter and Moana on their site.

  • Jamie M

    Jamie M wrote:

    How do I get the template for the large paper flowers?

  • no photo

    Yury S wrote:

    The cocamoras are chocolate covered apples

  • no photo

    Yury S wrote:

    I didn’t make the backdrop flowers I bought them as far as the backdrop itself I bought at Home Depot