Party Recap

“Games- We played “Veruca Salt” Nut Cracking-which involved getting the nuts out of peanut shells. We also played “Create your own Wonka candy” where the children were given colors and a fun page to design their own Candy! We played Oompa Loompa musical chairs, and enjoyed watching the new movie.

Decor- I made and themed all the decor to be bright bright bright! The kids all dressed in very bright clothing to suit the theme! And of course, everyone brought their GOLDEN TICKET to enter the party!

Candy- We had a chocolate fountain, giant crafted lollipops, and of course a candy buffet. What kid wouldn’t want this for a birthday party theme?!”



  • Kim T

    Kim T wrote:

    Love how colorful everything is! Beautiful!

  • Jean D

    Jean D wrote:

    love the drinks and label. so cute!

  • Melissa V

    Melissa V wrote:

    i love this photo, i looks really cool!

  • Melissa V

    Melissa V wrote:

    the labels look sooooooooo cool!!!

  • Heather A

    Heather A wrote:

    What kinda program did you use to create labels?

  • Events By Kate (

    Events By Kate ( wrote:

    Hello Heather, I used a variety of different editing programs, Gimp, inkscape, and various microsoft word components as well! Hope this was helpful!

  • no photo

    Robin K wrote:

    Hi Katelyn-I love the party you created. Did you create the fizzy lifting drink labels, Wonka box labels & the Wonka Bar labels or are those available for purchase somewhere? Thanks!!

  • Katelyn M

    Katelyn M wrote:

    Hello Robin! thank you for such nice words! Yes I did create all of the labels etc, and yes they are normally available in my shop, however my shop is down right now for maintenance, I hope to have that particular listing up no later then next Friday! If you would like to follow me on Facebook on my business page, I will be letting people know when the listings have been up and activated again! Sorry for the inconvenience! You can find me on Facebook at Events by Kate Kate

  • Katelyn M

    Katelyn M wrote:

    Haha, sorry "Events by Kate"- not "Events by Kate Kate" lol

  • no photo

    Joe T wrote:

    Great party and great theme idea!

  • no photo

    Jen Z wrote:

    HI Robyn! I have a question? My family wants to have this kind of party, do you have to do at your house or any place? And what kind of things you need to prepare? Thanks so much!! BTW really like your party idea!!

  • Katelyn M

    Katelyn M wrote:

    Hi Jen; Thanks so much for the interest in my party I designed for a client. This party was designed in home by our proffesional services, so yes it can be fully executed in an at home venue..If you have specific questions regarding set up; please feel welcome to email me at eventsbykate1540@hotmail. com Thanks so much, Kate EBK

  • Kelly D

    Kelly D wrote:

    Are the printables available for purchase now?

  • no photo

    Candice S wrote:

    Are the pritables available to purchase? and what is the website?