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Jedi Logan turns 5!

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Party Recap

Wow! What a great party! And it was an awesome party to plan! There are certainly no shortage of Star Wars ideas out there, and one very opionated 5 year old, so we had to find a starting point!

So, first, we knew we would take the pool noodle light saber idea, and a hit it was! The party ranged from kids aged 1-10, and all ages seemed to enjoy their light saber! Unfortunately, it ended up being a very rainy few days, so the party had to go in the basement! We ended up turning party of the basement into the "Jedi Training Room" and that was the "war zone"! I had hung balloons from the ceiling and doors and painted some to look like Storm Troopers, Clone Troopers, and Imperial Guards and they were able to "attack" them with their light sabers! All boys, and even the girls, loved to hit some balloons! It turned into a great activity. We also had turn a corner of the room into the "Blaster Training Camp". I taped several printed pictures of Storm Troopers on the back side of the window and the kids used nerf guns to try and shoot the storm troopers! We had enough for two kids to go at a time, and have a friendly competition! Our last activity was to "Destroy the Death Star" A soccer ball pinata painted and turned into the Death Star was the hit! It was a very sturdy pinata, too, lasting well through all 27 kids!

The decorations were just as much fun! Having a child who truly appreciated every detail, made all the details so much fun to create! Washi tape turned into a great resource! I was able to find some plastic soda bottles, and wrapped in washi and electrical tape, turned into very cute light sabers! My husband printed me off some very large banners at his office, and using the Star Wars font and some poster lights made the cutest, easiest decorations! I turned in the boys lava lamps into light sabers, and also filled pool noodles with LED lights for light sabers at the entrance! You can't have a Star Wars party without the light saber!

It was a great time!


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Birthday Cake

  • Party Favors

    Popsicles with light saber koozies, and pool noodle light sabers

  • Activities / Games

    Destroy the Death Star, Blaster Training Camp, Jedi Training Room

  • What People Ate


  • What People Drank

    Light Saber bottles filled with Gatorade


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