Party Recap

This was my third child's first birthday and my only boy. I thought a monster party would be super cute and super fun. Plus I wanted something a little different than the traditional boy themes. We had a wonderful time celebrating our little monster!


Party Helpers

  • Cassy Foradory




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    Annette W wrote:

    Did you find a tutorial for this or just kind of free hand? I'm sure I could, just thought I'd ask! It's too cute.

  • Su M

    Su M wrote:

    Super cute!!!! :)

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    Daphna Z wrote:

    Where did you get these adorable monsters??

  • Misty G

    Misty G wrote:

    These are Ugly Dolls and you can find them in some toy stores and specialty shops but I purchased mine on Amazon. They come in all different sizes and they each have their own names and personalities.