Party Recap

There was crazy monster fun at Jax's 2nd Birthday Party. Everything was colorfully "monsterfied"!


Party Highlights

  • Funniest Moment

    Jax didn't like all of the attention during the happy birthday song and decided to roll around "2 year old style" on the floor in complete and total protest

  • Most Touching Moment

    Everyone just having such a fun time!

  • Best Dressed

    Mr Jax

  • What People Ate

    Monster cake and cupcakes, chicken bites, mac and cheese, fruit salad, turkey sandwiches, boxtys, creepy crawly candy, monsterific cookies, chocolate covered pretzels

  • What People Drank

    Monster juice, soda, water, punch

  • Desserts

    Lots! Cake, cupcakes, cookies, candy

  • Party Favors

    monster goodies, monster masks, monsters inc fruit snacks, monster puppets, monster socks, monster finger puppets

  • Activities / Games

    pin the eye on the monster, face painting, monster balloon twisting, mike wazowski pinata, corn hole, monster bowling game

  • Budget



Party Helpers



  • Crystal M

    Crystal M wrote:

    wow so many great ideas!!

  • no photo

    Kelly C wrote:

    I love your cake!! I'm trying to plan my sons Second birthday as well...wanted to know if there was any way to contact you so i can ask you about the theme since i happen to being the same. QUestions i have are did you make the cake yourself? Any templates? Thanks!

  • Bianca M

    Bianca M wrote:

    sure...email me at biancasparks@hotmail.com

  • no photo

    Constance M wrote:

    I love it all! You did an amazing job!! Where did you find the decorations?

  • Robin K

    Robin K wrote:

    Hi, did you make these masks?

  • Silly Fish Parties

    Silly Fish Parties wrote:


  • no photo

    Kimberly M wrote:

    Adorable!!! Did you make those masks?

  • Katrina P

    Katrina P wrote:

    do you also mind if i email you for the printables?