Party Recap

I wanted to do a different cartoon theme for my sons 2nd birthday, so I decided to do the Smurfs. Most of the supplies was found on ebay and in Targets dollar aisle!


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    The birthday boy

  • Funniest Moment

    Papa Smurf playing musical chairs with the kids and then the adults


Party Helpers



  • Katherine N

    Katherine N wrote:

    I love what you did! I'm doing a smurf party for my sons 1st birthday & am getting ideas from your party. I like the original smurfs & not the new movie ones & it's been difficult finding things. I was able to get some things in Colombia for the party. I love those shoes, where did you get them? Thanks for your help! Kathy =)

  • WS Events

    WS Events wrote:

    Thanks! :) I did this party before i knew the movie was coming out. I got the decorations from ebay. They are from the 80's. The sneakers are by Anthony Prince, his info is in the party helpers column. If your party hasn't passed yet and you are intersted in the left over stuff i have please let me know. Thanks again.

  • Teresita S

    Teresita S wrote:

    omg....how cute!! I am planning my son's birthday party for july. I love the sneakers. Where did you get your son's shirt done at? thanks so much!

  • WS Events

    WS Events wrote:

    Thanks!! I got the shirt done by a local airbrush artist. Im not sure if he does mail orders but I can ask if you will like.

  • Teresita S

    Teresita S wrote:

    yes please if you can. my email is: terebella89@yahoo.com

  • no photo

    Rishfa H wrote:

    from where we can get this?