Party Recap

My son Jackson loves all things battle related and when he heard if he had a Nerf birthday party all of his friends would get to keep their guns, he was sold. As we were planning his party he let us know that he would like to have the kids battle the adults, but the adults would actually be "aliens". Luckily his birthday is around Halloween so we found some glittery skull masks and we had the perfect, non-scary aliens for the little brothers and sisters present. We started the party off with a Boot Camp. The kids jumped through hoops and tunnels, crawled through yarn "barbed wire" and had target practice on paper plate backed with tissue paper. Then they honed their skills in the shooting gallery with hand painted cardboard aliens (designed by the birthday boy) complete with spinning targets. After they had all practiced, they were attacked by aliens (grandpas and dads in glittery aliens masks). It was all out chaos and fun. The kids hid in their cardboard box camps, painted in camo with holes cut our for them to safely shoot the aliens. After enough battling we broke for pizza and cake. Jackson was thrilled. It was a really special day.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Pizza, "battle chips" Doritos, "cheese pellets" cheese balls, "berry bombs" strawberries, and carrot "cartridges"

  • What People Drank

    "Refuel fluid" Gatorade, "Water Rations" and assorted soft drinks

  • Desserts

    Almond cake, chocolate cupcakes and assorted candies

  • Party Favors

    Treat bags filled with extra ammo, candies and laser guns.

  • Activities / Games

    First training camp then an epic battle between the kids and adults (aliens)


Party Helpers



  • no photo

    Heather B wrote:

    Absolutely love this theme and having a Nerf party for my 7 year old. Just wondering where you found the dog tags? Thanks so much.

  • Delight Paperie

    Delight Paperie wrote:

    Hi Heather, we got the dog tags at hobby lobby and added our own stickers on top!

  • Ashley D

    Ashley D wrote:

    Do you have any printables you're willing to share? Absolutely love this!

  • Delight Paperie

    Delight Paperie wrote:

    Hi Ashely, thanks for you sweet words! You can find our party printables here: https://delightpaperie.com/product/printable-nerf/

  • Marquetta C

    Marquetta C wrote:

    How did you make this?

  • Marquetta C

    Marquetta C wrote:

    Where did youget the table cloth?