It's Time for Rob's 2nd Birthday Party!

Samantha S By Samantha S  in Birthday


Party Recap

Our little boy loves Bubble Guppies, so for his second birthday, a dozen kids converged on our home to eat pizza and play at a Bubble Guppies themed party!


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Chocolate cake and white almond cake, brownies, butterscotch blondies, and banana pudding

  • Party Favors

    Bubbles and water pistols

  • Activities / Games

    A splash pool, riding toys and balls were in the backyard. Since it was scorching hot, many of the kids enjoyed playing in the playroom with Rob's toys.

  • Best Moment

    One of our friends brought a stuffed monkey from Costa Rica for Rob. When she showed it to him, he walked up to her, took the monkey, hugged and kissed the monkey, then spiked the monkey on the floor and walked away. A sweet moment, punctuated by inexplicable and unpredictable behavior--this is life with a toddler!

  • Funniest Moment

    Our youngest guest was a three-week-old baby girl, who Rob engaged in a five minute conversation where he jabbered jibberish to her nonstop. What he was telling her is anyone's guess.

  • Most Touching Moment

    One of the little boys was feeling a tiny bit shy, but Rob walked over to him and offered him a football. I also loved taking turns holding my friends' babies. They are such sweeties! We are blessed with great friends!

  • What People Ate

    Pizza, guacamole, Texas caviar, and of course, Goldfish crackers, because no tot party or Bubble Guppies party would be complete without them!

  • What People Drank

    Soft drinks and beer


Party Helpers



  • no photo

    Christina B wrote:

    This is awesome! I would be interested to know more on the bubble guppy names of foods you served! :)

  • Michelle N

    Michelle N wrote:

    Wonderful sign where did you get the layout?

  • no photo

    Nykeya P wrote:

    This was truly a beautiful party... I would like to know where you got the templates so that i can create some for my daughters birthday party.

  • no photo

    Kasey H wrote:

    Love this party! I'm doing the same theme in August... did you create the signs etc yourself? Thanks in advance

  • Samantha S

    Samantha S wrote:

    Thanks! I designed all the printed decorations with the help of a free downloadable graphic design software, a free downloadable font that resembled the Bubble Guppies bubbly font, and I found graphics of the characters using a Google Image Search. We served "Bubble Puppy's Puddin' Cuppies, Bubbletucky Texas Caviar, Dev-Gil'd Eggs, and Guaca-Molly.

  • Truly B

    Truly B wrote:

    I loved your party!!!

  • no photo

    Bethsaira S wrote:

    i love them what website did you get them from??

  • Tracy T

    Tracy T wrote:

    I love the bubble streamers! How did you make them?

  • Samantha S

    Samantha S wrote:

    Thank you! I ironed crayon shavings between two pieces of wax paper, cut circles out in various sizes and strung them together with yarn. Martha Stewart Living did something similar for Valentine's and gave a tutorial. Hope that helps!

  • no photo

    Lisa C wrote:

    Is there anyway you could be more specific on the graphic design layout and font you used for your invitation, a link you used to download them perhaps? I googled the Martha Stewart tutorial and could not find that either. Do you have a link to that as well? I would really appreciate it!

  • kcurran92

    kcurran92 wrote:

    Would love to know details about the backdrop!

  • no photo

    Elvia R wrote:

    Hi what website did u get the invitations from ? I'm throwing my son a bubble guppies party next month and I really like to do the invitations u did I love them