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It's A Small World Birthday

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Party Recap

Hey thanks for stopping by for Saylor’s 2nd birthday! We always have so much fun celebrating! I definitely want to capture the party details for a long time, so here’s a few snapshots of the decor I made and styled!

It’s A Small World theme is one of the cutest themes a wee one can have and we visit Walt Disney World often so I am always so inspired by of course It’s A Small World ride! If you’ve been on it, you’ll notice that it’s revamped with lots of sparkle and adorable buildings and puppets. So this is my take on it…with a few doable details and diys anyone can do! That’s the thing about a broad theme, you can use lots of things from around your house and it can totally work! Maybe you’ve spent time in a certain country…great! Use those items. Or maybe you’ve travelled to lots of places and have many souvenirs…incorporating those is easy too!
There are several things I made with a sewing machine…first are the flowers you see. If you want to make some, stitch several paper plates together using the button stitch. I find tacking things together with a sewing machine is a lot easier, faster and less messy than using glue and I don’t have to wait for it to dry. I also made the round medallion starburst, stitching gold paper rounds together. Super easy! The globe is a puzzle that are attached with velcro!

What do you think of my passport cookies? lol. Cookie decorating definitely takes finesse and I have some practice to do as you can tell. But they’re fun and taste good, which is most important!

Now the yellow and white garland is easy to make using two different colors of streamer and the basting stitch which is a looser stitch that allows you to gather fabric or in this case streamer for a textured look!

We also displayed sweet treats from China, an umbrella I got in Japan and little wood dolls from a couple different places! And if you have cute fabric, just fold it under like this! Easy!
Probably the most fun and creative project I did for this party is the cityscape. Just use an art canvas and attach decorative paper to it, puncture holes and stick Heidi Swapp marquee lights in them! If you like them, let me know in the comments!
For the last sewing idea, stitch the favor bags closed! That way kids don’t get into them early!

Plus, don't forget the farewell signs in different languages!

And, there you have it! I hope you find it inspiring and you’ll be able to use these ideas for your next party or baby shower! Please show and tell using #IamAhostOfthingsToo !!



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