It's a Party! It's a Party for PEANUT!

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Party Recap

Peanut loves Yo Gabba Gabba, but there are so few *quality* party supplies. Almost everything ended up being handmade (with help from my family).


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    Peanut was super cute in her custome Foofa shirt I had monogrammed. Her daddy and I wore Yo Gabba shirts we ordered online (I didn't make us any since we needed some to wear to the live show). The grandparents all had custom shirts I made. Each was a different character from the show. The back of each shirt had the grandparent's special name (Grammy, Pop, etc.)

  • Desserts

    Three-layer Yo Gabba Gabba cake. Top layer was Brobee (white cake); middle layer was Plex (chocolate) and bottom layer was Muno (strawberry). It was so incredibly hot that day that the cake started melting. We barely got any pictures. It was so cute, though, and DELICIOUS. This was one of the few things I paid someone else to make.

  • Activities / Games

    There was a balloon artist who made balloon creations (animals, headpices, etc.) for the kids. She was incredible. We also had a very talented face-painter who painted all the kids' faces (and several adults'). There was a craft table where the kids could decorate foam visors. There were two game stations where the kids could play for prizes. We made the games. One was "Party in my Tummy." The kids threw food shaped bean bags through Brobee's mouth for a prize. The other game was "Pin the Eye on Muno" except instead of pins, the kids threw velco covered "eye balls" (beach balls) at a felt Muno.

  • Budget

    Since it was her first birthday, I didn't have a budget. I did pretty well, though, since we made so much.

  • Party Favors

    I made Muno gift bags which contained crayons, bubbles, and bags of goldfish or Skittles that had a special thank you tag from the birthday girl. We gave them out at the beginning of the party so the kids had somewhere to put the prizes they won at the game tent.

  • Best Moment

    It's hard to choose one, but Peanut destroying her Foofa smash cake was AWESOME.

  • What People Ate

    We only did snacks in addition to the cake. There were two large edible arrangments that were Yo Gabba Gabba themed. We used strawberries, blueberries, green grapes, orange slices and pineapple. Since there is no pink fruit, we served pink fruit dip. There was also bowls of rainbow goldfish and snack mix. We had several guests with different food allergies and made sure everything was safe for them (with the exception of one layer of cake)

  • What People Drank

    Coolers full of bottled water for the adults and capri suns for the kids.

  • Funniest Moment

    Peanut trying to make out with another little boy in her new wagon.


    When guests arrived, the driveway was lined with huge colorful pinwheels and the entire party area was lined with balloons. As they entered the pary area, they picked up their treat/prize bags and a Yo Gabba hand fan (it was HOT that day). We had four tents. The largest tent was for the tables and chairs. Each table was decorated with a different character theme. We also had small tables for the little kids. The food was under a small tent as well. The table had a personalized YGG banner I made with each character and Peanut's name. There were two tents, one for the craft table and one for the game table. Peanut's grandparents made full-size foam cutouts of each character for the guests to pose with at the party. They were INCREDIBLE!


Party Helpers



  • Behar Party Designs *

    Behar Party Designs * wrote:

    Very cute party!!!!

  • Carlee  O

    Carlee O wrote:

    this is really neat!!

  • Nicole Salena G

    Nicole Salena G wrote:

    AWESOME Party!! I Threw a YGG party for my Triplets neices and nephew who were turnning 3 and my lil sister who turnned 5 last year. Was so much fun. I LOVE YGG!!! Nice job

  • Jenna S. P

    Jenna S. P wrote:

    where did u purchase these from?

  • Jenna S. P

    Jenna S. P wrote:

    also where did you get the boombox image? did your print this off the nickjr website?

  • Jenna S. P

    Jenna S. P wrote:

    where did you purchase these shirts from? could you possibly give me a link?

  • no photo

    Amber G wrote:

    Jenna, Thank you. :-) I actually made them by hand. I cut the faces from felt and hot glued them.

  • no photo

    Amber G wrote:

    The box is covered in plain paper. I made the other pieces on Microsoft Word.

  • no photo

    Amber G wrote:

    My in-laws made them. They projected the characters on fPam and then cut them with a foam cutter.

  • no photo

    Klengz S wrote:

    Where I'd you get your tshirts from?

  • no photo

    Klengz S wrote:

    I also want to know where you got the tshirts from, please?

  • no photo

    Klengz S wrote:

    How did you attach the names on the back of the tshirts?

  • no photo

    Amber G wrote:

    @KLENGZ S: I ordered packs of iron-on letters from They're very reasonable and worked well. The letters on the yellow shirt are stick on/iron-on letters from Hobby Lobby. I had to use them because her name wouldn't fit in the other letters.

  • no photo

    Amber G wrote:

    @KLENGZ S: I bought the plain shirts at my local Hobby Lobby. I cut out the faces from felt and hot glued them to the shirts. The white parts are two layers so that the shirt didn't show through. I made the patterns by hand.

  • no photo

    Amber G wrote:

    I'm pretty sure his shirt came from Mine came from Hot Topic. I had my little girl's made by a local embroider.

  • Asuanta T

    Asuanta T wrote:

    Do you still have these props? And if so, would you like to sell them?

  • Tanisha B

    Tanisha B wrote:

    Awesome! How did you make them? What is fPam?

  • no photo

    Lilian C wrote:

    Love your party I'm just dieing to know where you got those awesome special YGG shirts made?!?! Hope to hear back :)

  • no photo

    Karina C wrote:

    I love these! I want to make them for my daughters party coming up. what is Pfam???