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Island Style Luau

Jennifer K By Jennifer K  in Summer


Party Recap

Wow! I can’t believe another year has passed and we are celebrating my daughter’s birthday again! This year was especially fun, as Isabella was so excited about her girls only “Luau Island Party”. As we were discussing this years theme, Isabella was inspired by all the luau party supplies we had seen in all the stores and also the Teen Beach Movie on Disney. For the luau, I focused on a more modern feel. I wanted everything to portray her personality ~ bright and cheerful. Whats more bright and cheerful than yellow? Using yellow stripes as our base, we went with hot pink and orange as our other two primary colors.

Our guests were welcomed to the luau with an Aloha sign posted on the front door of the pool clubhouse. As you stepped inside there were three tables set up, the drink table; main table and to the right, the sweets table.

The table decor used included burlap and white cotton tablecloths; grass skirts; leis; a colorful fabric swag and a beautiful centerpiece we borrowed from our school theater department. Our sweets table was set up under a tiki hut umbrella. The plates had a fun hula dancer on the front with rich, vibrant colors and we paired solid colored napkins to match. We purchased wooden forks and used a colorful floral design washi tape, that matched our theme perfect, to cover the handles. Wrist leis, were used to decorate the straw and fork jars. Each guest had there own personalized cup to sip on Lemon Berry and Hawaiian punch, that were served out of large seashells.

We decided to serve a variety of sweets and fruit for our party since it was early afternoon. The fruit consisted of pineapple; kiwi; strawberries; blueberries; blackberries and raspberries. We placed the berries in small plastic square cups with palm tree honeycomb picks and hot glued mini brown pom poms to the bottom for coconuts! We made some fruit tart cups that were eaten in a matter of minutes. There were Totem Bites, aka Jell-O jigglers; a Pig Roast; Cupcakes with royal icing hibiscus flowers; Candy Kabobs and the main attraction a Volcano cake that erupted! We also had coconuts {chocolate whoppers}; gorgeous cookies to match the theme; Oyster Pearls {white mini gumballs} and sandy treats {cinnamon and sugar coated donuts}.

For entertainment, our prop guy {my husband}, made a limbo for the girls to play; they swam and hula hooped. To say “Mahalo” to the girls for coming, each one took home a lei and a personalized bracelet Isabella had made them.

It was so fun to see all the girls and their parents enjoy the festivities of the Luau Island Party. Aloha!

DIY elements:

– Fruit Tarts
– Candy Kabobs
– Totem Bites
– Limbo game


Party Highlights

  • Best Moment

    When the Volcano cake was lite and smoke came out of it ~ the look on the kids faces was priceless!

  • Funniest Moment

    When the kids were playing Limbo, if they couldn't get under the pole they crawled.

  • Most Touching Moment

    When my daughter gave me a hug and said "thanks mommy, this was the best party yet! I love you!"

  • Best Dressed

    All the kids were in their swim suits.

  • What People Ate

    Totem Bites {AKA Jell-O jigglers}, Fresh Fruit, Candy Kabobs, Sandy Treats {AKA mini cinnamon donuts}, Pig Roast {gummy pigs on sticks}, Coconuts {AKA chocolate whoppers}, Fruit Tarts, Volcano Cake, Vanilla Cupcakes, Themed Sugar Cookies,

  • What People Drank

    Traditional Hawaiian Punch and Lemon Berry Punch out of large seashells

  • Party Favors

    A personalized beaded bracelet the Birthday girl made for each of her friends, seashells and hair bands.

  • Activities / Games

    Limbo and hula hoops


Party Helpers



  • Wendy B

    Wendy B wrote:

    I need to know where you found these candies!!

  • Jennifer K

    Jennifer K wrote:

    Hi Wendy, I found them at my local candy store. Try your local mall, they usually have candy stores. Let me know if you need any other help. Thanks! Jennifer

  • Cheryl D

    Cheryl D wrote:

    Do you have a free printable for this print? It is so cute for a birthday party. Thanks

  • Jennifer K

    Jennifer K wrote:

    Hi Cheryl, We do not offer this sign as a free printable, but you may purchase the sign and other printables in our shop: Please let us know if you have any additional questions. Have a great day! The BellaGrey Designs Team