Party Recap

The international hotdog party was something I had found online and was dying to try. Mikel added beer to it and thus was born the International Hotdog and Beer Party. The concept is that certain areas of the world eat hotdogs in very particular ways. The French slip them in hallowed out baguettes, parts of Mexico coat the dogs in sugar before laying them in the buns, etc. We wanted to taste them all (in mini 1/3 dog portions) with beers from that region. Let the fun begin!

The passports featured mock Woody Allen identity pages and were full of blank pages where we stuck, at random, round stickers representing each beer and hot dog we ate. There were 1o hot dog and beer combos to taste and you had to finnish the sample before getting the sticker in your passport. To make it legit, we each took the roles of passport officers from a country or area and verified the sticker placements after the samples were finished. Some of us made notes in the passport next to the stickers of the beers and hotdog ingredients and what we thought of them.

The cue cards help us know which toppings to put on for each country or area of the world. The related beers are nearby for tasting. Thanks for your beer hunting skills Mikel!


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