Party Recap

I really wanted to have a fun family night for my husband's birthday this year.

My conditions for this party were long. It was a weeknight, so the festivities had to be over in time for the kids to go to bed for school the next day. It was January in Utah, so it would probably have to be an inside activity. And it had to be special just like my amazing husband!

I finally decided that an indoor camping party was perfect! We had hamburgers for dinner. We also watched a movie and made smores with marshmallows roasted in the fireplace.



  • Chloe' M

    Chloe' M wrote:

    I'm def. going to steal this idea! but for adults ;) LOVE IT...not to mention I love real camping. My mom actually does "camping" nights in her backyard with my nieces and nephews and hotdogs and smores in their porch firepit... Nothing like the great outdoors :)

  • Christina S

    Christina S wrote:

    Chloe, I bet the nieces and nephews love their backyard camping nights! What a fun tradition!