Party Recap

This is the most EASIEST Candy Buffet I ever did, I made the preparation in only 3 days as its a last minute booking.

For the Tablecover I used a Blue & White Stripes (to compliment Smurfs theme). Not forgetting the white fur.

I print out Individual Smurf Character and cut out each of them to place it as a figurine (you may wanna use this method as buying soft toys / figurine are costly).
I decided to make it Fancier Looking by using a Food Label on Stick instead of the OLD BORING Food Tentcards.

I placed all the Maltesers, Marshmallows, Raisins, M&Ms and Jellies in the same Serving Bowl, bought at IKEA (SGD$2.50 each), the Eclairs I used a Serving Plate and place a paper dolly on it.
You can get the Candy Scoops at DAISO for SGD$2 each.

As for the Treat Bags, I placed in it a Smurf Drinking Cup.

See? I told ya its EASY!
Happy Trying :)

-Choc Eclairs


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