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How to be a Pokemon Trainer

no photo By Tiffany L  in Birthday


Party Recap

The party from start to finish took the kids through 4 steps to become a Pokemon trainer. This party was a blast and I have a ton of printables and how-tos on my blog so come on over!


Party Highlights

  • Party Favors

    trainer hats, trainer bags, Pokeball glasses, Pokeballs with characters inside, badges, pencils, lollipops, Pokemon cards

  • Activities / Games

    Catch your Pokemon, Care for your Pokemon, Teach your Pokemon Battle moves, Battle your Pokemon

  • What People Ate

    cupcakes, oreo cake balls, candy

  • What People Drank

    red juice



  • no photo

    Olivia N wrote:

    Where did you find the poke all necklaces?

  • no photo

    Bylinda F wrote:

    Where did you find the pokeball necklaces? The links are not working.

  • Lyssa Z

    Lyssa Z wrote:

    Did you draw the blue logo yourself? I love this hat idea for my daughter's birthday and would love to find out how you did it! Thank you!

  • Tiffany L

    Tiffany L wrote:

    Lyssa- I did! I made a stencil with freezer paper, ironed it onto the hat and sponge painted it.

  • Julie G

    Julie G wrote:

    Hi there! Love all your pics and ideas! Did you move your blog? The links are broken and I would love to see the printables and more info on the how tos. Thanks!

  • no photo

    Jennifer P wrote:

    How did you do the blue logo? Did you have a stencil?

  • no photo

    Amanda L wrote:

    How did you make the poke ball necklaces, the link isn't working..

  • no photo

    Amanda L wrote:

    What did you have the kids do for each training station? I cant really tell based on the pictures and the link isn't working.

  • no photo

    Gena R wrote:

    Hi! Any chance you would be interested in making these hats for my sons birthday? Please reach out to me at [email protected] They are awesome!

  • no photo

    Julie H wrote:

    Tiffany, I too, would love information on where your printables are, etc. If they are not free, that is fine too! Thank you for reaching out with more information about your trainer party. [email protected] Thank you, Julie

  • Kristi K

    Kristi K wrote:

    also would love to know how you made the hats?