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Hobbit Party: Celebrating Bilbo's Unexpected Adventure By [email protected]  in Movie Night


Party Recap

Dinner at our Hobbit party including the following (all of which was oh-so-yummy!):

Five-Armies Lamb Stew
Lake-Town Roasted Potatoes
Artisan Bread served with berry preserves & Beorn’s Honey
Green Dragon Inn Cheeses & Blackberry Pie
Harvest Peach Beer (1296 … very good year!)
Bilbo’s Hot Cider
Dwarven Gold (Rolos and Chocolate Gold Coins)
Gandalf’s Hat (cookie topped with a Hershey kiss, dipped in grey)
Mirkwood Forest Spiders (Oreo Truffles)
Gollum’s Precious (sugar cookie rings with gold sprinkles)

Favors: Elven King’s Lembas Bread wrapped in Mallon leaves

Decorations included a fabric strip banner, festive light strand, leaf garland, hand-painted “No Admittance” sign, medieval armor (found at the dollar store), candles, afghans, and baskets–pretty much anything we found around our homes that we thought you might find in a Hobbit hole.

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