Hello Kitty I Scream You Scream Ice Cream Party

La Quinta J By La Quinta J  in Birthday


Party Recap

My daughter wanted an Ice Cream Party. She was excited when we found a Hello Kitty shirt to match the theme. The girls made their own sub sandwiches & sundaes. Instead of using their own names they pulled an ice cream flavor from a HK container and that became their name for the day. Each girl wore a pink hair bow just like HK wears. They also stuffed HK towel pillows. We also played a couple other HK related games like HK Freeze (Like Hot Potatoe) & Pin the Bow on HK.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Sub sandwiches w/bread from HK's bakery, chips, & veggie tray with fresh veggies that was grown from HK's garden :)

  • What People Drank



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