Heather and Brian's DR Beach Wedding

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Party Recap

Heather and Brian love the ocean and the tropics, so they took their wedding to the Dominican Republic, where they celebrated with friends and family into the night. “As a professional wedding photographer in New York, it was so important that our wedding be different than what we see every weekend,” Heather says.

The ceremony was officiated by one of the groom’s lifelong friends, and the couple hired dancers and a stilt walker to get the party started after the ceremony. Brian and Heather also created welcome bags for their guests, and Heather’s aunt made barefoot sandals for the bridal party. Tropical flowers were featured everywhere – on tables, at the ceremony site and in boutonnieres and bouquets.

Heather highly recommends a destination wedding, for couples who are making plans now. “Talk to your parents and siblings in advance to get the green light, then go! We all grew so much closer after spending a week together and made so many memories.”


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