Party Recap

Small family party to celebrate Hayden's 2nd birthday.



  • Connie T

    Connie T wrote:

    Did you cut these all out? Or did you buy them like that? These are so cute!

  • no photo

    Heather B wrote:

    I did cut them out, it was pretty quick. I made a template, then traced it onto the foam sheets. I cut out the pieces and put them in the polka dot bags with a glue stick and tongue depressor.

  • no photo

    Heather B wrote:

    Oh, and thanks!

  • Jennifer D

    Jennifer D wrote:

    Are the eyes (the whites and the pupils) in one piece or two? Looks like maybe you drew the pupils on?

  • no photo

    Heather B wrote:

    I cut them out myself. I just bought foam sheets and made a template to trace on them. Much easier than it sounds.