Party Recap

Hayden is a foster child in the care of his Aunt Kacie. Although I don't know all the details I know that Hayden will be going to live with his biological mother soon. My friend Ralph and Hayden's Aunt Kacie, aka Foster Mom, wanted him to have the Best 1st Birthday!

I was thrilled when my friend Ralph contacted me about planning Hayden's 1st Birthday Party! He wanted him to have the best and would do anything to make sure this happened.

The party location was chosen by Ralph and Kacie to take place at a local park. Unfortunately, it was an extremely hot day! Temperature was in the 100's. The Mickey Mouse fondant cake began to melt due to the heat as well as the other goodies. Even with the discomfort of the hot temperature and melted goodies the party was still a huge success. Hayden had the Best 1st Birthday and definitely a memorable one for his Aunt Kacie.


Party Helpers



  • Nicole E

    Nicole E wrote:

    Where did you find the bucket?

  • no photo

    Kimberly W wrote:

    Please Please tell me where to get this customized for my son. I absolutely love it and haven't had luck searching for something like it!

  • Feather S

    Feather S wrote:

    Hi Kimberly W! Please contact A JZ Delights! https://www.etsy.com/shop/ajzdelights

  • Feather S

    Feather S wrote:

    Hi Nicole E: The bucket I purchased at Target. Cut out white paper circles and glued them on the bucket. Hope this helps!

  • Bonnie A

    Bonnie A wrote:

    Where did you get the favor bags?

  • Bonnie A

    Bonnie A wrote:

    And these..so cute.