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Hannah’s Half Year Birthday Party In Gold Glitter And Pink Watercolor Florals

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Party Recap

You didn’t know people celebrated half birthday parties? Neither did I! I stumbled across a 1/2 birthday party on Pinterest and it piqued my interest! Like, do people really have half birthday parties? And then I thought, well, why the hell not! Mom (especially mom) and baby have gotten through 6 whole months….and so time for a mini celebration!
And just coincidentally, Catherine, who works alongside me, has a 6 month old little girl, Hannah! Our eyes sparkled a little and we knew we just had to throw her a pretty little half birthday party. We like any excuse or occasion to throw a party, naturally, since we do run a PARTY business.
The invitation and printable DIY party hat. I must say these make me smile. You?
This party table was quick and easy to set up because it didn’t contain too much (small tables typically make prettier set-ups in my opinion). The set-up consisted of DIY confetti backdrop, mini layer cake with a gold glitter 1/2 topper (printable), cupcakes, cake pops, macaroons, printables and ribbons.
Isn’t it just dreamy?
And do you know the best part? This set-up cost us under $100. It actually cost us $80.
We had the cake stands although we dressed 2 of them up with some gold glitter ribbon, we used flowers from the garden, made the cupcakes and cake and bought the macaroons and cake pops. Everything else, including the confetti garland backdrop, cake topper and the gold flag bunting in front, were all from our printable 1/2 birthday party set.
Sparkly, gold, glittery cake pops – the quintessential item for any half birthday party!
Please, uhum, have a look at our perfect bows…Taryn, who also works alongside me, ties bows like a professional. Thank-you!!
BONUS TIP: Use a glue gun to attach the bow to the cake pop stick so that they sit straight and flat.
Our 1/2 birthday celebrity, Hannah, posing for the cameras!
We attached the food labels to these miniature little wooden stands which we found at a local store.
The gold glitter cupcake wrappers add a little pizazz to the plain cupcake wrappers underneath. Print, cut and assemble, it is SO easy.
Because we just don’t get tired of this beautiful little thing…
Up close and personal shot of this magnificent mini layer cake, complete with a gold glitter 1/2 cake topper. The topper, once cut out can be quite flimsy so we just used a glue gun (oh glue gun what would we do without you??) to add strength to the back by gluing around the edges (at the back) and the middle sections. Attach a cake pop stick to the “forward slash” to add strength to that part and to insert topper into the cake.
We loved this invitation so much, we made ones for a 1st birthday , 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th birthday too! #toomuchexcitement


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    Mini Layer Cake with a gold glitter 1/2 topper, Vanilla Cupcakes, Cake Pops and Macaroons and tea of course...


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