Party Recap

This Party was a few years ago, so it was b4 I really knew how to do a tablescape haha!! Now I love setting the table with all highs a lows...but, everything is just flat here-- so not my 'best' party lol! but wanted to share since it was a really fun night and Halloween is only a few days away!

I had our neighbors and their kids over for a Pumpkin Decorating night in 2017! We had a spot to pick up your pumpkin "The Pumpkin Patch", a "Carving Station" a "painting Station" and "Drying Station". We had drinks and a few desserts. It was last minute so I kindda threw it all together in a hurry! It was so much fun and the kids (and a few adults!) did a great job on their pumpkins! I cant find the pix of the kids decorating... they must be on my phone. It was super cute tho!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Just a few snacks. Oozing Eyeballs - Eyeball Candy Zombie Boogers - Green Candy Coated Popcorn with mini candy eyeballs Ghostly Brownies- Brownies with white ghost shaped meringues on top Dirty Q-Tips- Lollypop sticks with Mini marshmellows dipped in Caramel on each end (looks gross but were actually really good haha!) Ghost lollypops, Gum balls, Raw Meat- Rice Krispie Treats (with a small amt of red food coloring in the melted marshmellows) and cut out like round patties. I-Scream Floats- in jars covered in sprinkles.

  • What People Drank

    Water, Juice, Wine, Beer, Soda


Party Helpers


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