Party Recap

We invited 16 of my 8 year old daughter's closest friends to a Harry Potter themed Halloween party. She has been really into HP this year so I thought it would be great fun. It took me the whole month of October to collect everything I needed/wanted for the party. There were so many blogs about this type of party online so I had a lot of help planning it. Each room of my house was a different classroom from Hogwarts.


Party Highlights

  • Best Moment

    The Sorting Hat ceremony

  • Party Favors

    wands, spell books, pictures & candy

  • Activities / Games

    making shrinky dinks for transformation class, reading tea leaves and telling fortunes in Divination, creating fizzing potions in potions class and hunting for madeye moody's eyes.

  • What People Ate

    Chicken, potatoes, popcorn, pretzels, juice, cupcakes, apples, doughnuts-a veritable feast


Party Helpers

  • Lori & Deb

    House Elves

  • Elyse

    Professor Trelawny

  • Keith

    Professor Snape


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