Party Recap

This was Hadassah's 3rd Birthday! We celebrated with Candyland. This was so much fun! i really enjoyed all the decorating and food! But, most of all...Hadassah loved it! She wanted to stay in Candyland!;)


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    We had a Chocalate buffett, candy buffett, cupcake buffett, Rainbow Cake and Special Canydland cake.

  • Party Favors

    Everyone got to choose a lollipop and take a "to go box" and feel it with their favorite candies!

  • What People Ate

    We had Pizza. I had the floor set up like Candyland, I chose 5 tables with the Characters. that were filled with sweet treats.

  • What People Drank

    Juice and soda



  • Gilda S

    Gilda S wrote:

    SUPER SUPER adorable you went to a lot of trouble in the details Fabulous11 Where on earth did you get all the backdrps,signs lollipops etc My grandaughter would LOOOOVE this

  • no photo

    Terri B wrote:

    Thank you Gilda! It was a prom kit that was ordered on-line.:)

  • Crystalian C

    Crystalian C wrote:

    Terri I love your daughter's name. I am wondering if you ever found where to get the sucker invitations for her birthday party or what you did instead. I was also wondering if you could also offer any other adivce for a candyland theme party. Thank you for all your help and adivce

  • no photo

    Alyssa Z wrote:

    I have looked every where for those props, do you know what site you got them off of? Or do you still have yours and want to sale them?

  • no photo

    Terri B wrote:

    Thanks ladies! @Crystlian I made her sucker invitations myself and wrapped them in celaphane paper. You can order them from Etsy, to save money, I made them. @ Alyssa the props I borrowed and I have no idea where they ordered them from, just felt so blessed to have gotten to borrow them! I do not have them anymore, sorry:( @ CrystaliAn, I just seen your email today, sorry I have not responded. Not sure if you've had your party or not but here is some advice. Candy land can be a huge or smAll party. You can use any color or candy. I did not do goodie bags, I had candy land treat boxes to use as a to go boxes, so they filled their own box with treats. Adults loved to do that too! Candy land was fun and just beautiful to work on. Hope this helps, best wishes on your parties!