Party Recap

I had the pleasure of designing the 6th grade graduation party. It was a glow in the dark theme and I had a huge crew to help me pull off my vision! 2 hours before check in, I set up the cotton candy machine and had helpers put together the goody bags with candy pixie sticks and silly string. The kids also got GITD necklaces, 2013 glasses and danced to a DJ. We served a BBQ dinner and cotton candy on a light up stick. We had gift card giveaways and a photo booth with a green screen and props. We papered all of the walls black and painted GITD circles all over. I hung chandeliers out of glow sticks and garden hanging baskets. I also had chandeliers made out of hula hoops, paper circles sewn together and plastic flagging construction tape. One of the dads crawled on the roof to black out the skylights with plastic so the room would look awesome...and it did! I put together a DVD of photos that parents sent me and then made a copy to give each of the 100 students. We watched the entire slideshow and the end of the party. I love creating memories for the kids!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    BBQ hot dogs, hamburgers, cotton candy on glow in the dark stick, soda, chips, fruit

  • Best Moment

    Watching the DVD of the past 7 years

  • Party Favors

    Glow in the dark glasses, DVD slideshow, Can of Silly String, 2013 tattoos, neon pixie sticks, glow in the dark necklaces

  • Activities / Games

    Dancing to DJ, green screen photo booth with props


Party Helpers


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