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I have a Girls Monthly Bunco Group, that we started last year. We take our monthly girls nights very seriously - always a theme! This month I was co-hosting with a friend and it was a HIGH ROLLERS CASINO Night! Not only do I love going all out with the theme for our great group of BUNCO BABES because I love to...but because it's my party and dessert business (Forever44 Sweet Creations & More)!


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  • Candice P

    Candice P wrote:

    I love, love your party. Can you please let me know how you created the jumbo 'dice'. From a closer look it seems you have wrapped huge boxes in white paper and stuck large black rounds, correct. I also would like to know how you created the backdrop for your table. I would also love, love to know what are the toppings used for the mashtini and what other delicacies you had for food and perhaps a breakdown of the dessert menu. Many thanks. Candice at partiesathome

  • Forever44 S

    Forever44 S wrote:

    Hello Candice, thank you very much for your kind comments. Yes, I created the jumbo dice with boxes wrapped in white wrapping paper and scrapbooked large black circles to attach. The backdrop is a foam board, wrapped with red/black wrapping paper with large card suit cutouts attached. The mashtini bar toppings included, cheese, bacon, sour cream, green onions, popcorn chicken and dice ham. Hope that helps.

  • Candice P

    Candice P wrote:

    what are the games you played, would love to know

  • Candice P

    Candice P wrote:

    Thank you. After I had sent my comments to you I realised that I should have gone to your website and yes, I found what I was looking for, so thanks again. Cheers

  • no photo

    Rita G wrote:

    I love all everything about your party! I am doing this theme for my son's 18th birthday and wanted to recreate the same backdrop....(the red and black board with the heart, diamond and spade etc) .how did you make the cutouts? Thanks so much!