Party Recap

My son was born extremely close to halloween. He's turning 2, and he absolutely loves ghostbusters. So it seemed only right to throw him a Ghostbusters 2, themed birthday party. We had soo much fun! And got to get a little creative with it.


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Cake and Candy of course!! We had an AMAZING cake made by Cameo Cakes. They did such a great job! They incorporated the Stay Puft Man, Slimer, and the Logo just perfectly.

  • Party Favors

    SLIME!!! I made slime for each kid to take home. Buy clear elmer's glue...and pour it out into a tub, then pour liquid starch into the empty glue bottle...and then pour that amount into the tub. Mix together, and add green food coloring. It takes awhile for you to get the right consistancy...let it set over night...and there you go! Slime!! The kids LOVED it! Also I took red gift bags, and printed out the ghostbusters 2 logo, and glued them onto the bags. The kids were able to fill up the bags with candy from the ghost pinata...then we also had alot of ghost give aways. Like ghost straws, and I made a ghostbusters coloring sheet of slimer.

  • Activities / Games

    Pinata!! We hit a pinata...and we had different pictures of slimer hidden on the wall...and all my little ghostbusters found the different slimers. We played with the slime...and the kids also created their own game with the inflatable stay puft man. He would fall down...and the kids would "Save" one another from the stay puft man. Pretty cute. Also we had the movie playing on the TV, and when things winded down, they all watched Ghostbusters.

  • What People Ate

    We ate cake and icecream. Stay puft marshmellows or (Boo Mellows) And ordered Little Ceasar's pizza. It was great because each pizza was only $5.00, so it went a long way. We had green and red colored candies in bowls, to incoporate the themed colors.

  • What People Drank

    Ecto Cooler punch! YUM!! Basicly Key Lime Sherbert with two jugs of Sprite. Makes it green and foamy. :-) Tasted great too!

  • Best Moment

    I absolutely loved when we brought out the handmade ghostbusters car my husband made. My son LOVED it! We basicly spray painted a cozy coupe...and made little attachements on it, to look like Ecto 1. We put a blue pencil box on the top, to make it look like a light bar, and added flashing lights to it, for the extra effect. THe kids went crazy for it! And it was also sooo adorable how Hunter loved saying..."Who ya gonna call?"

  • Funniest Moment

    When Hunter hit the pinata. He was soo proud of himself!

  • Best Dressed

    I absolutely LOVED that we had a few ppl dress up. We made it an option to either dress up like a ghostbuster (Tan pants and a white top...or buy the costume...) Or they could dress up like a ghost that was on the loose that the ghostbusters had to catch. So much fun!



  • Rosy C

    Rosy C wrote:

    Where did you find the abandoned/burning buildings backdrop! I absolutely love everything you did with the party!! I'm throwing my son a Ghostbusters bash soon and would love to have that as a cool backdrop!

  • Stephanie M

    Stephanie M wrote:

    Hi doing my son's party Ghostbusters where can I find the backdrop you used for cake table?

  • Abril C

    Abril C wrote:

    Where did you find the building backdrop?