Party Recap

I revolved the party around a tea theme since we are going to a tea house for my daughter's friend party the next day. But, with all homemade food for 24 people, the food does not resemble typical tea party food.


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Marshmallow pops, tea pot cake, strawberry cream cheese cupcakes, rock candy, chocolate covered mini oreos

  • Party Favors

    Flag banner, circle lanterns, flower poofs

  • What People Ate

    My kids pick their own menus and everything is handmade, so this year my daughter selected: chicken nuggets, tacos, mashed potatoes and gravy, carrots, macaroni and cheese, salad

  • What People Drank

    Homemade Pink Lemonade, Raspberry Iced Tea, Mint Green Tea



  • Marcy T

    Marcy T wrote:

  • Jen C

    Jen C wrote:

    These are amazing! How did you make them?

  • Marcy T

    Marcy T wrote:

    The one I saw and tried to make was actually with tissue paper, but my cutter wouldn't cut through the tissue paper well. So for this one, I too scrapbook paper and used a circle puncher and cut out all the circles. I started at the bottom of a large foam ball and folding down a little of the top of each circle and glued it to the ball. I just overlapped each circle and worked my way to the top. I used a hot glue gun for this and then used the same glue to adhere the ribbon to the top.

  • Marcy T

    Marcy T wrote:

    The other two pomanders are used with foam balls as well. For the pink one, I popped off the ends of fake gerber daisy flowers and used the glue gun to adhere them into the ball. For the purple one, I used floral wire and made really small tissue paper flowers and then poked each flower into the foam ball.

  • no photo

    Rita P wrote: