Party Recap


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    cake, rice krispies, caramel apples, oreos, pretzels

  • Party Favors

    snow, necklaces


Party Helpers



  • no photo

    Ashley G wrote:

    I loooooove the tulle table skirt. How did you do it?

  • Five Whimsy Lane

    Five Whimsy Lane wrote:

    Ashley.....the tulle skirt used 1,000 yards of tulle and I made it just like a regular tutu skirt on elastic and you wrap it around the table :)

  • Ashley B

    Ashley B wrote:

    Stunning cake. Where can I find a tiara like this? TIA!

  • Jessica T

    Jessica T wrote:

    Hello, Where did you buy the fetid silver cake stand? I am having trouble finding it. Thank you!

  • no photo

    Diana R wrote:

    Where did you got those snowflakes from??

  • Five Whimsy Lane

    Five Whimsy Lane wrote:

    Ashley B- the tiara I picked up at one of those Halloween Superstores. Jessica- the cake stands came from Home Goods and Diana the snowflakes are from the Dollar Store but I spray painted them :)

  • Lisa H

    Lisa H wrote:

    I absolutely love this party decor! I am hoping to incorporate a lot of the decor at my daughters party in July. I found the necklaces on etsy and think they are the perfect gift for her friends. Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Kim F

    Kim F wrote:

    That cake is amazing! Is it fake snow between the cake and the stand? I'm trying to figure out what it is and how you did it? This is such a classy Frozen scene! :)

  • Hannah J

    Hannah J wrote:

    What kind of material did you use for the backdrop?

  • no photo

    Celia B wrote:

    Hi! I loved this party! Congratulations! How did you did it? I would like to have it in my daughter's party. ;-)

  • no photo

    Julie A wrote:

    What are the size's of the pom's and lantern's hanging? Are those white pom's on the floor? If so what size are those?

  • Lauren B

    Lauren B wrote:

    Love your party! Where can I purchase the large blue snowflakes? Any chance you have anything you want to sell?

  • no photo

    Farah H wrote:

    Beautiful!! Hi what is the backdrop made of, its size and where did you buy it?? Thanks farah.

  • no photo

    Edna M wrote:

    Hello, I love this apples. Can you please let me know where I can get the crowns for this beautiful candy apples?

  • Sravanthi V

    Sravanthi V wrote:

    Hi, I really loved the decoration. i was wondering where did u find that silver background? what is the material u used?? where can i get the snowflakes??

  • no photo

    Ang B wrote:

    Did you ever hear a response?

  • no photo

    Ang B wrote:

    Where did you buy the dress?

  • no photo

    Colette O wrote:

    I also love the little girls dress! Where did you get it? Thanks!

  • Catherine M

    Catherine M wrote:

    she said this snowflakes are from the Dollar Store but I spray painted them

  • Leline B

    Leline B wrote:

    Where can I find the back drop??